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Greenlit: The Hunt, BBC1 / ARD / NDR Naturfilm / BBC America

The Hunt (7 x 60’) –  Takes a totally fresh look at the most dramatic behaviour in nature: the competition between predators and their prey. Across the globe, predators face unique challenges wherever they live, and these different challenges drive the narrative of each episode. Using character-driven stories, the series will dissect the clever and complex strategies predators use to catch their prey, showing viewers how these are some of the hardest working animals in the natural world. Sequences with some of the planet’s top predators include polar bears filmed hunting bearded seals for the very first time, using a fascinating aquatic stalking technique; golden eagles and wolves working together to capture mountain lambs high in the Rocky mountains; and a breathtaking hunt where a pack of killer whales chase a humpbacked whale calf for two hours.

Channel: BBC 1 / ARD / NDR Naturfilm / BBC America

Producer: Silverback Films


Source: BBC press release


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