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Greenlit: Slum Survivors, BBC3

Slum Survivors  w/t  (3 x 60′) – A group of young people are put through their paces as they embark on a crash course in urban survival in some of the world’s biggest slums in Lagos, Mumbai and Jakarta.

With jobs in mind they want to do back in the UK, working as a plumber, a chef and a car mechanic, in each programme three trainees will spend a week with locals who are masters at their trade of choice. Working alongside them and learning what makes them tick, they’ll find out what it takes to survive and thrive amongst some of the world’s toughest poverty.

Back in the UK, we’ll hear how the experience has impacted on their lives and prospects and reflect on how these booming slums, and the people who call them home, have much to teach modern urban survivors in today’s uncertain times.

Channel: BBC3

Producer: BBC Current Affairs


Source: BBC press release


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