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Greenlit: Sleepover at the Zoo, BBC4

Sleepover at the Zoo (1 x 90’) –  A distinctive television event which will allow us to see the fascinating – and surprisingly lively – world of animal sleep, as a team of experts stays up all night to track – hour by hour – the diverse sleep patterns of a host of animals.

Sleep is still one of the largely unsolved mysteries of science. Meerkats sleep huddled together for safety and warmth, bats sleep hanging upside down from a tree branch, and flamingos sleep standing up with one eye open on the lookout for danger… but why? It has been established that the average human needs eight hours sleep per night, but giraffes sleep for just for two hours, and a slow loris can sleep for more than 20 hours per night. Does an animal’s environment dictate its sleep pattern, or have their sleeping adaptations evolved to facilitate their activities? Who snuggles down straight away, and who has a fussy bed-time ritual? Do animals dream, or even have nightmares?

By using a wealth of camera-rigs to observe behaviour across 12 hours at Bristol Zoo, together with custom-shot VTs from other zoos, Sleepover At The Zoo will be a TV event lifting the covers on the fresh and fascinating science of animal sleep.

Channel: BBC 4

Producer: Icon Films


Source: BBC press release


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