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Greenlit: Pothole Britain, Channel 5

Pothole Britain (1 x 60′) – Pay-outs from local authorities to pothole victims totalled £50million in 2012 and it’s going to take a further £12.93 billion to clear the clogged-up road maintenance backlog in the UK.

This is a story about the frustration surrounding the country’s ever-expanding pothole problem: meet the pothole victims, councils and dedicated local campaigners who are collectively trying to solve one of our biggest bug bears.

The show follows ‘Mr. Pothole’ from Brackley who has made it his mission to solve the problem – he’s a one man anti pothole campaign. We meet Worcester’s road chief, John Fraser – who stars in a music video warning people of the danger of potholes – and the crews and councils who are inundated with complaints. And then there’s Fortyfoot Road in Leatherhead – which is considered one of the worst roads in the UK for potholes.

Will a solution ever be found? By speaking to those on the front line, ‘Pothole Britain’ seeks a result that isn’t just another quick-fix…

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: STV / GroupM Entertainment

TX: December 2013

Source: Channel 5 press release


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