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Greenlit: Pilgrimage with Simon Reeve, BBC2

Pilgrimage With Simon Reeve (3 x 60′) – For centuries, pilgrimage was one of the greatest adventures on Earth, involving epic journeys across the country and around the world, and this series  sees Simon Reeve retrace the exciting adventures of our ancestors.

Medieval Britons were told that journeys of endurance, suffering and sacrifice to a holy site could help them to find a place in heaven. Pilgrimage became an integral part of their lives. The tradition of pilgrimage – walking to a holy place in the hope of experiencing a closer connection to God, a spiritual leader, or a guru – is a part of every major faith.

Simon meets inspirational modern travellers, sees extraordinary sights and learns about the forgotten aspects of pilgrimage, including the vice, thrills and dangers, that all awaited travellers. He explores the faith, the hopes, desires, and even the food that helped to keep medieval Britons and more recent travellers on the road.

Simon Reeve says: “I’ve been on a few epic trips of my own, but making this series was a chance to learn about the challenges facing travellers in previous centuries as they set out on astonishing adventures trekking around Britain, Europe and further afield, across the world.

Simon journeys first from northern England to Canterbury, then across France and northern Spain, before he treks high into the mighty Alps on his way to Rome. Finally, he heads east to glorious Istanbul, Turkey, then on to the Holy Land and his final destination, Jerusalem.

The series was commissioned by Aaqil Ahmed, Head of Commissioning – Religion TV and Head of Religion & Ethics, who says: “Simon is the perfect person to take a pilgrimage as he is an experienced traveller with an open mind who can deliver the experience to viewers in an authentic way.”

Channel: BBC2

Producer: Lion TV / Iridescent Films


Source: BBC press release


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