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Greenlit: One Planet, BBC1/ ZDF

One Planet (6 x 60’) –  A decade on from Planet Earth, it’s time for a new experience…

One Planet is a series of spellbinding adventures that introduces viewers to the rules of the game of life as it plays out across Earth’s great wildlife arenas. From mountains to deserts, wild islands to man-made cities, each episode selects the most spectacular scenes and stories from around the globe to create the ultimate tour of an iconic ecosystem.

During these immersive journeys of discovery, the viewers experience the physical rules and mighty forces that govern each arena as if through the eyes of the creatures that live there. Groundbreaking filming techniques unite the canopies of the planet’s rain forests or the frozen summits of its tallest peaks in a continuous or ”limitless’ zoom. Along the way, viewers discover the amazing adaptations that animals and plants have evolved in response to each arena – seeds, squirrels, frogs, lizards, even snakes have all solved the need for flight between rainforest trees but in remarkably different ways. For the first time, a landmark series puts the remarkable diversity of life into the context of its dynamic arenas. And the reveal? You must dare to be different if you want to keep one step ahead on an ever-changing planet…

Channel: BBC 1 / ZDF (Germany)

Producer: BBC NHU


Source: BBC press release


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