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Greenlit: JFK: The Lost Tapes, Discovery Channel

JFK: The Lost Tapes (1 x 60′) – The assassination of President John F. Kennedy left the USA to mourn the loss of its Commander-in-chief, set off one of the greatest manhunts in American history, and left our government to answer the impossible question, what happens now?  Newly released audio recordings from Air Force One, combined with digitally re-mastered audio from the Dallas Police Force, and the testimonies and radio recordings of on-site reporters, reveal the riveting, behind-the-scenes story of the Kennedy assassination.

New government tapes from Air Force One and testimonies from those on the ground that day, including Clint Hill, the secret service agent responsible for Jackie Kennedy, offer a gripping insight into what happened that momentous day, and the inside story of a government struggling to come to grips with a crisis spiraling further out of control with each passing minute. Never-before-heard radio recordings from the Dallas Police Department reveal the desperate search for evidence, the frantic manhunt, and the crucial moments that led to the identification and arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald as the murderer of John F. Kennedy. Amidst it all, news radio reports from around Dallas reveal the panic and chaos that threatened to engulf the city.

Channel: Discovery Channel

Producer: Arrow Media

TX: 17th November 2013

Source: Discovery Channel press release


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