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Greenlit: Big Weather, BBC1

Big Weather (3 x 60’) –  There is no bit of new filming kit that Richard Hammond won’t get his hands on in this groundbreaking series, in order to get closer to capturing the full force of the most extreme weather experiences of the natural world. Remarkable sequences will bring to life in stunning detail the epic journey a tornado takes across a dusty plain; the beautiful microscopic world of a hailstone forming inside a cloud; a time slice of a lightning strike; and the inside of a firestorm.

Richard will fly a light aircraft into a hailstone storm, show us how to destroy a house with just six inches of water and have an avalanche detonated right on top of him. And by teaming up with maverick experts around the world, he will also help test the world’s first speed-measuring ‘mud-sled’; release a thousand robot drones into a real live hurricane; and use 10,000 ping-pong balls to show how a sandstorm really works.

Channel: BBC 1

Producer: Oxford Scientific Films


Source: BBC press release


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