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Greenlit: Auf Wiedersehen, My Pet, ITV

 Auf Wiedersehen My Pet w/t  (20 x 60′) – Features pet owners who, for genuine personal reasons, have to make the tough decision to give up their much-loved animals. They will be matched with a trio of potential new owners, all desperate to offer the pet a loving new home.
The current owners may be moving abroad, or perhaps for personal reasons can no longer give their animal the attention it needs. Each programme will focus on one owner and their pet, as they are given the opportunity to meet potential new owners, get to know their families and see around their homes. With invaluable help and advice throughout from animal experts, this series will follow the tears of goodbye, and the joy of a new beginnings.

Channel: ITV (Daytime)

Producer: Shine TV


Source: ITV press release


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