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Greenlit: Alaska, Japan, Patagonia, New Zealand, BBC2

Alaska, Japan, Patagonia, New Zealand (12 x 60’) –  Four iconic corners of the globe, each stunningly photographed, with a very different story to tell in four trilogies.

Alaska is one of the most seasonal places on Earth, where every living thing – both wildlife and people – must cope with extremes of heat and cold, darkness and light. Viewers will discover the characters of America’s final frontier, with all its huge landscapes, romance and brutality, and reveal their stories of life on the edge.

In Japan, one of the most modern, crowded, urbanised nations on Earth, wildlife and human culture are closely entwined like nowhere else. The very landscapes – exquisitely beautiful and unpredictably violent – dictate all their lives.

Patagonia is all about strangeness and is one of the ultimate lands of mystery – windswept, very remote, and with unusual wildlife grown up over thousands of years, and not always comfortably.

In a joint initiative with NDR, New Zealand is the Great Experiment – an island where nature thrived bizarre and undisturbed for 80 million years. The most recently settled land on Earth still has the most astonishing selection of unique life, but now the experiment continues under the influence of people, and the raft of new animals they brought in.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: BBC NHU


Source: BBC press release


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