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Greenlit: Treblinka: Inside the Murder Factory, Channel 5

Treblinka: Inside the Murder Factory  w/t –  For seventy years a wooded site an hour and a half outside Warsaw has kept hidden one of the most appalling secrets of World War 2 – the true nature, scale and operation of Treblinka, one of Hitler’s most lethal extermination camps. Bulldozed in 1943 by the Nazis in an attempt to destroy all evidence of what had happened this film follows the work of British forensic archaeologist Dr Caroline Sturdy Colls as she pieces together the first definitive description of Treblinka 2.

Even today the location of the gas chambers, where over 870,000 Jews and Gypsies were murdered, is still not known for certain. Through her painstaking investigations over five years a forensically accurate picture of Treblinka has emerged and in this film we follow Dr Sturdy Colls as she returns to Treblinka to complete her work.

The Nazis claimed that Treblinka 2 was a railway transit camp through which the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto were transported before being moved further east, a carefully constructed lie that is repeated even today by Holocaust deniers. Dr Sturdy Colls’ work, in conjunction with the Museum authorities at Treblinka, is intended after 70 years to provide a conclusive account of what happened at Treblinka.

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: A Furneaux-Edgar Production with GroupM Entertainment

TX: Late 2013

Source: Channel 5 press release


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