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Greenlit: The Edge, CNBC

The Edge ( x 30′) – Looks at the long-term investment opportunities created by today’s technological innovations. The show will explore the limitless potential of innovation – from how new products and ideas will shape our lives to the long-term investment opportunity that will bring investors high-yield returns.

The first episode explores the driverless car, looking at the vehicles and the tech behind them, but also examining the innumerable and far-reaching implications of the invention.

Features include Ross Westgate travelling to Munich to ‘drive’ a highly automated prototype car on the autobahn; interviews with Chunka Mui, an author who discusses the lucrative investment opportunities in driverless cars. The show also travels to Singapore to look at a self-driving shuttle bus and Tokyo to consider the future in driverless truck convoys.

Channel: CNBC

TX: 25th September 2013

Source: CNBC press release


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