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Greenlit: Napoleon, BBC2

Napoleon (3 x 60′) –  Napoleon Bonaparte of France once controlled an Empire of over 40 million people and the largest ever army in the History of Mankind. Since he was defeated by the British at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, Napoleon has been maligned as a sadistic and vain despot, a tyrannical dictator on a par with Hitler or Stalin.

In this series, the first authoritative biography of Napoleon ever on British television, historian and biographer Andrew Roberts presents the epic story of one of the most influential figures in world history and overturns this prejudice.

In a global journey, Andrew visits key locations that figured in Napoleon’s career – the remote island of St Helena in the Atlantic Ocean, distant battlefields in Central Europe and Russia and grand chateaux in France – celebrates the merits of the benevolent dictator, and reveals how Bonaparte, supported by his wife Josephine, secured the French Revolution, transformed a nation in to a global super-power and through political, military and social innovation laid the foundations of the modern state.

Channel: BBC2


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