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Greenlit: Messiah at The Foundling Hospital, BBC2

Messiah At The Foundling Hospital  (1 x 60′) – More than 250 years since it was composed, Handel’s Messiah remains one of the most popular choral pieces in western music, performed thousands times every year across the world by amateurs and professionals alike. It contains a melody – the Hallelujah Chorus – as instantly recognisable as any pop song or ringtone. And yet few people know the heart-rending story of how this much-loved work first came to public attention.

Presented by Amanda Vickery, this drama documentary re-creates the Foundling Hospital premiere of Messiah in 1750 and tells the story of how Handel’s masterpiece heralded a golden age of philanthropy, helping save the lives of 25,000 people, and changing music forever.

Channel: BBC2


Source: BBC press release


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