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Greenlit: Life and Death Row, BBC3

Life and Death Row (3 x 60’) – Some young Britons want the UK to follow in America’s footsteps and reintroduce capital punishment. But do they really know what it means to live in the shadow of the death penalty? Now, for the first time ever, this three-part series will tell the story of capital punishment through the eyes of the young people whose lives have been shaped by it. We’ll go inside prison walls to meet America’s youngest Death Row inmates and discover what it’s like to miss out on your formative years, living with the threat of the death chamber. We’ll also meet the victims and the families, some praying for an execution, some praying for a reprieve.

Each film in the trilogy focuses on a key aspect of the system – execution, trial and crime – and will chart the journey from the moment of murder to the death house. We will see how the capital punishment system impacts on young lives. These are not just stories packed full of unfolding drama, jeopardy and intense emotion, but real life tales that provoke fundamental questions about justice, the right to life and the right to kill.

At the core of each film is a compelling, driving narrative, enriched by a powerful chorus of young voices from across America – on Death Row and beyond.

Channel: BBC3

Producer: BBC


Source: BBC3 press release


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