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Greenlit: Inside Raising the Costa Concordia, Discovery Channel

Raising the Costa Concordia (1 x 60′) – What does it take to lift a ship bigger than the Titanic? On January 13, 2012, the Costa Concordia — one of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships ever built — ran aground off the coast of Italy leaving 32 people dead. The hulking vessel still remains where it first capsized – becoming a painful eyesore for locals as well as a growing environmental hazard.

This documentary returns to the scene of the shipwreck  to capture the major salvage operation taking place and reveal the inside story told by the elite team of engineers tasked with the seemingly impossible — rotating the massive ship into an upright position and eventually removing it from the sea.  Most salvage jobs are relatively simple — where the ship is removed or just destroyed. However, breaking up the Costa Concordia onsite would be an environmental catastrophe.

Concordia’s owners needed a revolutionary solution. That’s when they turned to Titan Marine, an outfit with a reputation for radical salvage operations. This film shows how the engineers prepped for the job, which included building colossal barges complete with a hospital, gym and living quarters for the hundreds of divers and specialists. It will also reveal the step-by-step process involved with pulling the ship upright – a process known as parbuckling – and how they plan to refloat it before finally being towed away to be scrapped.

Channel: Discovery Channel

Producer: Darlow Smithson Productions

TX: 20th September 2013

Source: Discovery Channel press release


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