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Greenlit: Underage and Over the Limit, BBC3

Underage and Over the Limit w/t (1 x 60′) –  The North East of England has the highest number of underage drinkers in the UK, and this film follows the youth workers who are reaching out to help them. More children aged 11-15 in the North East have drunk alcohol than anywhere else in the country, and the region has the highest rate of under-18s in specialist alcohol treatment (more than twice the national rate) and the highest rate for under-18s overall admitted to hospital. This film goes out onto the streets with youth workers on the front-line as they meet underage drinkers and hear from them first-hand why the culture of underage drinking is so embedded, and follows the stories of young people who are battling to turn around their issues with drink.

Channel: BBC3

Producer: Special Edition Films

TX: Early 2014

Source: BBC press release


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