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Greenlit: Tom Daley Takes on the World, ITV2

 Tom Daley Takes On The World w/t  – Follows the travelling adventures of the diving star Tom Daley as he embarks on a whistle-stop backpacking trip.
Cameras follow Tom and his best friend Sophie as they kiss their families goodbye, pack their bags and head for the wilds of some of the most incredible countries on earth such as Thailand, Japan, Australia, Morocco and New Zealand.
The trip will be a life-changing experience that will see Tom as he’s never been seen before- roughing it in hostels, sleeping on night trains and making new friends – as he takes in everything typical of a student-backpacking trip in just six weeks.
Tom also has an adventurers’ bucket-list he is hoping to complete, including challenges such as flying a jet-plane and bungee jumping. Plus, the Olympian will be hooking up with some of his well-known friends, such as Mollie King, along the way.
Channel: ITV2

Producer: Twofour / Group M Entertainment


Source: ITV press release


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