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Greenlit: Time of Death, Showtime

Time of Death (6 x 60′) -An unflinching, in-depth look at some remarkable individuals facing their own imminent mortality. Cameras will follow brave, terminally ill individuals as they live out their final days, supported by family, friends, healthcare teams and hospice workers, who gently help guide the process.

The series weaves together these complex, unforgettable stories into an affecting portrait:

  • a single mother of three with Stage IV breast cancer
  • a grandmother with inoperable pancreatic cancer who is also a psychotherapist who specializes in the field of death and dying
  • a veteran with a rare cancer facing the end with his parents beside him
  • a young woman with Stage IV melanoma

Each unique, emotionally resonant tale will serve as a tangible reminder of the finite nature of time and mortality.

Channel: Showtime

Producer: Magical Elves

TX: 1st November 2013

Source: Showtime pres release  (via The Futon Critic)


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