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Greenlit: The Wonder of Dogs, BBC2 / Nat Geo WILD

The Wonder of Dogs (3 x 60′) – Presenters Kate Humble and Steve Leonard will be joined by some of the UK’s top canine experts to examine just how varied dogs can be, how their extreme differences came about, whether this variety is just skin deep or extends to senses, abilities and instincts, and whether, having designed their bodies we have also shaped their minds.

Using the dog population in a typical English village as a snapshot, the team will look at the huge range of breeds in one single place. They’ll examine them closely to reveal why there’s so much variety within this single species and, by putting them through a range of challenges, will attempt to establish just how intelligent different types of dogs are, whether some could even be trained to read and, whilst we are potty about our pets, whether different kinds of dogs can really empathise with us.

Additionally, historian and presenter Ruth Goodman will be reporting from across the country, from Devon to the Scottish Highlands, to unearth the extraordinary stories behind some of the world’s most iconic breeds. She’ll discover how reflections of our own human history lie in the DNA of this treasured animal that has been a part of British life through the ages and how, for instance, breeds from the Pug to the Welsh Corgi have gone from the working servants of mankind, to the people’s pampered friends.

Channel: BBC2 / Nat Geo WILD

Producer: Windfall Films

TX: Autumn 2013

Source: BBC2 press release


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