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Greenlit: Secret Sex Lives: Swingers, Discovery Fit & Health

Secret Sex Lives: Swingers (4 x ) – Docuseries that delves into a mysterious and daring world as it follows five all-American couples as they juggle marriage, family commitments and careers. But behind closed doors, these husbands and wives share one surprising thing in common: they all lead double lives as swingers.

The series is set in Atlanta, Georgia, a bustling, yet traditional Southern city that also happens to be home to a lively swinger scene. Exploring the complex nuances of the relationships and psychology behind this way of life, the series  showcases the issues that swinging couples often face and how they keep it hidden from family, friends and co-workers. The couples featured in this series are proud of how “normal” and functioning they are in a society that shuns their lifestyle, illustrating the importance of strong communication and transparency in any relationship.

Channel: Discovery Fit & Health

Producer: Red Line Productions

TX: 7th September 2013

Source: Discovery press release


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