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Greenlit: Scrappers, Channel 4

Scrappers  w/t (2 x 60′) – A character-led documentary following the day-to-day life of a scrap yard in south-east London. The show follows the people who work at the yard as well as those who use it to sell their scrap. Giving an insightful and often humorous glimpse into a little known community of scrap entrepreneurs, the show uncovers the ups and downs of the scrap metal trade, responding to the issues facing the industry, and giving no-holds-barred access to the buyers and sellers who inhabit this world where wrecked or decommissioned vehicles are brought, their usable parts are sold for use in operating vehicles, while the unusable metal parts, known as scrap metal parts, are sold to metal-recycling companies.

Full of incident and humour, and larger than life personalities this series brings a whole new meaning to the concept of workplace banter and reveals the relationships within this extraordinary group of people, who through hard graft and an ability to take advantage of any opportunity within the world of scrap metal, survive by ducking and diving, and are prospering in hard times.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Firecracker Films

TX: September 2013

SourceChannel 4 press release


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