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Greenlit: River Cottage to the Core, Channel 4

River Cottage to the Core (4 x 60′) – With all the incredible fruit that is growing in Britain today, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall wants to open our eyes to the endless and mouthwatering possibilities at our fingertips. He rips up the cookery rule book to show just how deliciously fruit can enhance and transform meat, fish and pudding dishes, proving it shouldn’t be restricted to crumbles, chutneys and pies.

We’ll follow Hugh as he offers his unique take on everything from savoury strawberries and fruity pizzas to the humble BLT. He’ll turn his back on supermarket’s quest for cosmetic perfection and shows us how we can grow our own fruit at home that will always taste fantastic, regardless of how it looks.

Horticultural and culinary history will be dug up to reveal the extraordinary heritage of how Britons have enjoyed great British fruit. Hugh will be teaming up with a local baker to bring back the ‘two-course’ sweet & savoury Cornish pasty once enjoyed by tin miners; celebrating the anniversary of an iconic fruity meat dish created for HM The Queen and rejoicing in the revival of the great British cherry.

Through his new Fruitshare initiative, Hugh will also be encouraging schools and families to get green-fingered and grow their own fruit trees. Schools can apply for free packs of trees to plant via www.channel4.com/fruitshare

With handy hints, surprising food partnerships and tips on how to utilize every part of fruit, River Cottage to the Core will put the ‘great’ back in to Great British fruit.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Keo West Films


Source: Channel 4 press release


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