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Greenlit: Naked Rambler, BBC1

Naked Rambler (1 x 50′) –  A documentary about Stephen Gough, AKA The Naked Rambler.  After spending almost seven years in prison naked, much of it in solitary confinement, the documentary follows Gough as he walks more than 400 miles from Edinburgh to see his family in Eastleigh, Hampshire, England. It’s a quest beset by arrests, police cells, court appearances and prison.

Director Guy Gilbert attempts to understand how Stephen became the most notorious naked man in Britain and to examine his quest for “freedom”. Why does a man persist in public nakedness when, time and again, it has landed him in jail? How do people react to the sight of him? Are his actions “wrong”? Is his cause really worth more than his children? Stephen’s family, his supporters and some of his critics offer their perspectives.

At turns funny, frustrating and emotional, this film challenges notions of the law, freedom and morality.

Channel: BBC1

Producer: Oblong Films

TX: 21st January 2014

Source: Oblong Films press release


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