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Greenlit: Mystery Map, ITV

Mystery Map w/t (2 x 60′) – Ben Shephard and Julia Bradbury tour Britain to find out more about some of the country’s most intriguing and unexplained mysteries and their origins.
Who left one hundred miles of footprints in the snow across Devon one night in 1855? Could King Harold have actually survived the Battle of Hastings and swerved that infamous arrow in the eye? And how did the body of a man who supposedly crashed his plane into the sea end up on top of a nearby hill? Our presenters are not looking to bust the myths, but to unpack these stories and the reasons behind them – how did these mysteries come to be and what led people to believe in them?
The series offers an immersive journey delving deep into the roots of some of the most compelling mysteries of our time, from the infamous Beast of Bodmin moor to the possible ghosts that haunt Hampton Court, from the time it rained seaweed in a quiet Gloucestershire town to the on-going investigation into the bizarre spinning Egyptian relic currently residing in Manchester Museum.
As Ben and Julia hit the road to investigate for themselves the history behind the conspiracy theories and supernatural sightings, the series uses reconstructions and meet original witnesses, experts and historians to hear their contrasting views on the timeless tales.
Channel: ITV

Producer: Shiver

TX: Late 2013

Source: ITV press release


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