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Greenlit: Losing Weight, Losing Love, Channel 5

Losing Weight, Losing Love  (1 x 60′) –   An astonishing 85% of relationships end within 2 years of weight loss surgery. This pioneering programme examines the issues of changing body image, self-confidence and physical attraction which, after dropping the pounds, can tear these unique marriages apart. We’ll not only meet former lovers who talk us through why their relationships ended after their partners lost the pounds, we also meet Britain’s only specialised obesity relationship therapist, Joanne Coker. She examines the effects on the relationships and psychosexual behaviour of couples where one partner has experienced extreme weight loss. But can she help one couple experiencing issues following weight loss, stay together…?

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: IWC Media / GroupM Entertainment Production

TX: Autumn 2013

SourceChannel 5 press release


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