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Greenlit: Killer Islands, Animal Planet / Discovery Networks International

Killer Islands (6 x 60′) –  Taking a unique approach that blends all the splendor of a natural history documentary series with an incredible investigative twist, this series sees world-renowned wildlife expert Dave Salmoni turn predator-detective as he sets out to solve some of the last big mysteries surrounding the world’s most successful natural-born killers.

Dave treks to some of the most dangerous islands on the planet to investigate how and why their native inhabitants have been so spectacularly successful at surviving – despite the harshest of conditions. Getting dangerously close to the world’s wildest creatures – from the vampire bat and the great hammerhead shark to the killer whale and the grizzly bear – Dave lives alongside them to uncover the secrets of their domination of these strange, confined places, over and above any of the other species that live on them.

Heart-stopping adventure tempered with the eye-watering imagery of our planet’s hidden beauty – this series pits Dave among the terrifying unknown. Will Dave manage to escape unscathed as he dares to explore what these killer islands have in store?

Channel: Discovery Networks International

Producer: Silverback Films

TX:  Spring 2014 (DNI), Summer 2014 (Animal Planet)

Source: Discovery Channel press release


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