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Greenlit: Health Freaks, Channel 4

Health Freaks w/t (6 x 30′) –  Puts a variety of popular home remedies to the test to see if they have any medicinal value.

Each week a series of DIY remedy pitchers who swear by a particular treatment or “cure” will present their favoured remedy to a panel of three GPs – Dr Pixie McKenna, Dr Ayan Panja and Dr Ellie Cannon.

The panel will then debate each pitch – is the proposed “cure” just an old wives tale? Is it essentially harmless or could it be potentially dangerous? Or might there be reason to believe it might actually work?

If the GPs panel decides that the treatment deserves further investigation they will send it for a trial or lab test, designed by the show’s scientists, to further examine the remedy’s efficacy and reveal whether it might have any medicinal value. Will our DIY remedy pitchers be proved right, or will their ideas be struck off the treatment list?

From breast milk curing infections and an oat bath that tackles psoriasis to the old building site favourite – WD40 to “cure” achy joints, the series will investigate the efficacy of some of the country’s oddest and most widely known home remedies – which, if any, will pass the GPs tests?

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Outline Productions

TX: Autumn 2013

Source: Channel 4 press release


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