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Greenlit: DIY Dummies, Channel 5

DIY Dummies –  This series uncovers Britain’s most eye-watering and absurd DIY disaster sto-ries from the plucky Brits who tried- and utterly failed- at DIY. Throughout the country, Britain’s have a go handymen have tried it all- leaving a trail of holes in floors, walls stripped back to brick- and live electrical wires hanging from the ceiling. Long suffering spouses have stories of everything from microwaves glued to kitchen walls, burglar alarms wired into the light switch- and nails enthusi-astically hammered into water pipes… and they’re ready to share them with the na-tion. This celebration of Britain’s worst DIY’ers will also feature the funniest DIY video clips from around the world. We guarantee you’ll never look at your toolbox in quite the same way again ….

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: IWC Media

TX: Spring 2014

Source: Channel 5 press release


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