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Greenlit: Digby Jones’ New Industrial Revolution, BBC2

Digby Jones’ New Industrial Revolution (3 x 60′) – Lord Digby Jones is one of the kings of British business. A very successful lawyer and businessman, he later became the Director General of the CBI from 2000-2006, was ennobled and became Minister of State for Trade and Investment 2007-2008 and is widely known as an Ambassador for British Business. All of which makes him one of the ultimate authorities on British Industry.

Digby will explore the state of British manufacturing today and its place in the global marketplace by rolling up his sleeves and attempting to help three diverse British businesses battle toward a brighter future.

Focusing on a range of companies from across the UK, that will include anything from the technological to fashion and heritage, Digby will immerse himself in each business and attempt to apply his hard-earned expertise and lessons from some of the current British manufacturing success stories, to not only improve each company’s fortunes but over the course of the series try to craft a new blueprint for British manufacturing success.

It’s a series of intelligence, authority and ambition – facing seemingly intractable problems. But also emotion and heart – the business case studies feature real people, with real needs and fears.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: BBC Entertainment North


Source: BBC press release


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