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Greenlit: The Secret Life of Predators, Nat Geo / Nat Geo WILD

 The Secret Life of Predators  (4 x 60′) –  Host Boone Smith (Snow Leopard of Afghanistan, American Cougar, Hunt for the Shadow Cat) takes an intimate look at the both iconic and surprising predators of our earth and their savvy strikes, chases and kills. We’ll see 45 different animal species in 12 habitats and in 18 countries around the globe.

Each episode focuses on predators on an ecosystem:

Episode 1: Wet — The oceans of our planet are ruthless battlefields that constantly test the biggest and deadliest carnivores including orcas, giant octopi, torpedo rays, wolf eels and sea snakes.

Episode 2: Stealth — Whether searching for prey in the tropical canopy or stalking a meal over a spongy moss carpet, success in the forest requires predators such as brown bears, Bengal tigers and harpy eagles to use trees for shelter and camouflage.

Episode  3: Naked — There are still places on Earth where grasses, lichens or fields of ice stretch as far as the eye can see. In order to survive, predators such as cheetahs, wolves and polar bears must perfect the tactic of hiding in plain sight.

Episode 4: Exposed — When water meets land, landscapes clash and predators such as dolphins, lions, monitor lizards and baboons must master skills to hunt in both habitats.

Channel: National Geographic / Nat Geo WILD

Producer: National Geographic Television

TX: 20th September 2013

Source: National Geographic Channel press release (via TV by the Numbers)


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