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Greenlit: The Marches: How a Border Made Us, BBC2

The Marches: How a Border Made Us  w/t (3 x 60′)  – Two thousand years ago the Romans divided Britain with Hadrian’s Wall – splitting the communities of Britain in two. It’s a barrier that separates the nations both physically and symbolically, embodying the historic and continuing political divisions between the two nations. In this new three-part series, Rory Stewart tells the story of the frontier and how it has haunted Britain from the Romans to the present day.

The Romans’ decision to divide Britain over 2000 years ago was driven by the pride of a foreign army and when they left, both sides were re-united in the rich culture of the Middleland. But the deep scar remained, and a 1000 years later, the island split once again along the line of the wall, into the Kingdoms of England and Scotland. The borderlands became a zone of anarchy. Then in 1603, the border vanished and peace returned. Now the border may be about to appear again.

These films tell the story of the individuals who forged a border in our land and our imagination. Using the extraordinary landscape, oral history and archaeology of the region, as well as drawing on analogies and voices from his life in Iraq and Afghanistan, Rory Stewart will uncover the strangeness of a familiar frontier. And he will tell the mesmerising stories of the individuals who forged the borders – the Marches – and the drama of borderlands from Afghanistan to the Balkans to Britain.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: BBC


Source: BBC press release


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