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Greenlit: Tequila Sisters, TVGN

Tequila Sisters (8 x ) –  Old-world family values and new-generation ideals collide in this eight-episode docu-soap series that follows the real lives of the Marins, an affluent, multi-generational Hispanic family living in Southern California. The show follows Mexican-born family patriarch and tequila entrepreneur Bill and his wife Lori, as they raise four beautiful daughters—Jen, Lauren, Jackie and Catherine—while fighting to pass along traditional values of family and marriage when faced with the seductions of Hollywood lifestyle. The girls, all in their 20s, try to find their independence while facing questions of assimilation, boyfriends and dating, sibling rivalries and changing economic times for the family. The show spotlights the dynamics and drama of being a Marin, which can be explosive and combative at times, but always rooted in love.

Channel: TVGN

Producer: Rogue Atlas

TX: Fall 2013

Source: TVGN press release


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