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Greenlit: Shred! Discovery Canada

Shred! (13 x 30′) – What – and who – destroys the seemingly indestructible? Stoves and tractors; mountains of cell phones, hard drives, photo copiers, and other electronic scrap; cars and boats – and even an amusement park – the old is crushed and shredded to make way for the new. 

This series goes inside a world where maverick engineers and master tradesmen build monster machines designed to destroy the indestructible. It reveals the monster machines and men of Shredding Systems Inc., a company that custom builds and fixes shredders to keep multi-million-dollar companies humming around the world.

SSI makes industrial shredders in the most extreme environments imaginable – each one tailored to the job at hand, designed to cut through anything other companies can’t get rid of.  Each episode follows the grinding gears, metal-crushing, against-the-clock pressure as the  team navigates each tough new assignment. Each shredder is a custom work of engineering art – a hulking million-dollar piece of machinery taller than a house, weighing close to 50 tons, with dozens of huge blades designed to shred anything it can get its claws on, and ripping through its own weight in material on a daily basis. Industries around the world rely on these metallic beasts to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – if they break down for just one day, some companies will lose millions.

On the SHRED! floor, viewers will find “Shred Whisperer” Lee Sage who can fix any shredder on the fritz; engineering wizard Bob McLeod; master installer Brillo Blakely; field tech Auguie Henry; big boss Tom Garnier; crusher king Dave Miller; and best friends and competitive rivals on the build shop floor, Chris Schuett and Jon Allen.  The men who build these monster machines never back down from a challenge – which is why they’re the go-to team for all jobs too dangerous, hardcore, or just too crazy for the competition. They’ll  meet in the field, anywhere in the world, and huddling to devise plans of attack for shredding hazardous chemicals, highly-combustible materials, dangerous acids, and the toughest metals and other materials known to mankind.

Every episode follows the team as they head out somewhere in the world to build a new shredder or repair one they’ve already installed – mixed in with a competitive challenge between Schuett and Allen back at the shop.

Channel: Discovery Canada

Producer: yap films

TX: 8th July 2013

Source: Bell Media press release


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