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Greenlit: Refugees of the Lost Rain Forest, BBC1 South West

Refugees of the Lost Rain Forest – A documentary that explores the late naturalist Gerald Durrell’s legacy through the work of a small group of people on two contrasting islands, Jersey and Sumatra.

Enthralling footage filmed at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust includes HD footage of Sumatran orang-utan Dana, giving birth to her daughter.

The birth, on 9th June 2013, was remarkable, as Dana’s previous pregnancy in 2009 suffered complications that endangered her health and resulted in a stillborn infant.

Following the incident, Dana was left with blocked fallopian tubes, rendering her infertile. Expert intervention by Jersey General Hospital’s head obstetrician, Neil MacLachlan, helped her to conceive, against the odds, in late 2012.

The new baby is the second Sumatran orangutan born at Durrell in 2013; the first, Jantho, was born to 30-year-old Annette on 1 April.

In Sumatra, the programme looks at the work of Dr Ian Singleton, who trained at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. He is working to save orangutans from the impact of deforestation and other problems. His work, which is partly funded by donations from the people of Jersey, helps prepare them for release back into the wild.

Channel: BBC1 South West

Producer:  BBC South West TV / BBC Radio Jersey

TX: 14th July 2013

Source: BBC press release


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