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Greenlit: Napoleon, BBC2

Napoleon  w/t (3 x 60′)  –  Napoleon historian Andrew Roberts sets out to shed new light on the emperor as an extraordinary, gifted military commander and a mesmeric leader whose private life was littered with disappointments and betrayals.

Andrew Roberts walks the major battlefields of Europe, from Borodino to Waterloo, whilst detailing key turning points which helped shape European history. Along the way he’ll build up a personal picture of how these great battles were fought as well as detailing Napoleon’s genius as a military leader.

The series also paints a controversial portrait of the Emperor, a man demonised as a dictator as ruthless as Hitler. But rather than be remembered as the demon of history and a man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, Napoleon was also the man responsible for securing the success of the French Revolution and who put in place many of the features of the modern state.

Andrew Roberts travels through the history and geography of Europe bringing this story vividly to life as he retraces the footstep of this legendary leader.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: Back2Back


Source: BBC press release


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