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Greenlit: Lisiecki Plays Chopin: From Every Angle, More4

Lisiecki Plays Chopin: From Every Angle  –  Combining the raucous tradition of the 18th and 19th century Proms held at Bristol Old Vic with the cutting-edge technological innovations being spearheaded in the city, Bristol Proms is a radical reinvention of the classical concert experience, led by Tom Morris, one of Britain’s most celebrated theatre directors.

From All Angles has been produced to create two distinct performance experiences: one for the audience at Bristol Old Vic, and one for a second audience watching remotely at Watershed, a centre for cultural cinema and digital creativity in Bristol. The historical auditorium of Bristol Old Vic is brought to life with laser beams cutting through the air and creating a visual representation of the unique acoustics of the space. The concert will also be streamed to Watershed, where audiences will be watching a black and white immersive film, experiencing the intimate details of Lisiecki’s performance close up – from the vibrations on a glass of water to dust falling through cracks beneath the stage.

Channel: More4

Producer: BDH

TX: 3rd August 2013

Source: Channel 4 press release


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