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Greenlit: Forbidden History, Yesterday

Forbidden History (6 x 60′)  –  Throughout history, information has been suppressed and evidence withheld about long-held conspiracy theories, ancient treasures, lost civilisations and war time secrets. This series  takes viewers on a journey with Jamie Theakston to discover the truth and unearth new facts about great mysteries.

In one episode,  presenter Jamie theakston travels to France to investigate what could be one of the greatest cover-ups in human history; did Jesus and Mary Magdalene marry and have children? In another, he seeks out and meets the controversial scientists and archaeologists who have extraordinary evidence which proves giants once lived on earth.

Other unsolved mysteries Jamie investigates in this series include what really happened to the fabled Treasure of Solomon’s temple, did the Vatican try to cover-up the Three Secrets of Fátima, and how did the Alchemists gain so much power and influence over Elizabeth 1?

Channel: UKTV Yesterday

Producer: Like a Shot Entertainment

TX: Summer 2013

Source:  UKTV press release


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