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Greenlit: Bad Ink, A+E

Bad Ink ( x 30′) – Docuseries following a pair of Las Vegas tattoo aficionados on their quest to find and fix the worst of Vegas’ worst mistakes. The city of sin often goes hand in hand with people making bad decisions, and regrettable tattoos are permanent reminders of those choices. However, hope has now arrived in the form of two comical best friends who are taking on one terrible tattoo at a time!

The show centers on Dirk Vermin, one of the nation’s most respected tattoo artists, and his best friend Ruckus as they go on the hunt for sin city’s worst ink jobs. From rebellious school kids to housewives to grandmothers, in Vegas, no one is immune from waking up and saying “What did I just do?” These people are this colorful duo’s primary targets, as Dirk and Ruckus ambush convention goers, tourists and locals alike, inspecting their awful art up close and personally. For a lucky few, Dirk will be able to work his magic and transform the cringe-worthy eyesores into noteworthy masterpieces. Behind every tattoo in Vegas is often an amusing tale, but these guys will not let anyone they find leave the city a victim of bad ink!

In the season premiere, Dirk and Ruckus get a desperate call from a Jacqui, a client whose birthday celebration turned into a tattoo nightmare she can’t forget. Later, they meet Alex, a man whose failed attempt at professing his love has left him with a tattoo that threatens his new relationship.

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Channel: A&E

Producer: Sharp Entertainment

TX: 11th August 2013

Source: A&E Networks press release


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