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Greenlit: Andy Bates Brazilian Street Feasts, Food Network UK

Andy Bates Brazilian Street Feasts (15 x 30′) –   Street Feast hero Andy Bates takes his culinary globe-trotting to one of the most vibrant and dynamic places on earth – Brazil!

The series propels Andy on an amazing journey into the Amazon, Pan Brazil, North East Brazil (Salvador and Bahia) and South East Brazil (Rio and Sao Paolo).
As Brazil hosts the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, there is a huge appetite for all things Brazilian, not least the cuisine, and Andy will be one of the first to showcase the country’s rich and diverse food scene which has yet to take its place on the world stage.
Brazil is home to flavours ranging from mouth-watering seafood from the Atlantic and the Amazon, to juicy steaks and delicious street food.  Alongside indigenous cuisine, the country is host to a wide range of influences including West African, French, Italian, Spanish and of course, Portuguese.  Andy will be seeking street food stories and experiences in an incredible range of environments – from the city to the rainforest and from the rivers to the beaches and mountains.
Back in his own kitchen in the UK, Andy will then cook up delicious dishes inspired by his experiences in Brazil.

Channel: Food Network UK

Producer: Sweet TV

TX: Autumn 2013

Source: Food Network press release


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