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Greenlit: Game of Crowns, Bravo

Game of Crowns w/t  – Docu-series that follows six pageant wives whose lives revolve around glamour, perfection and winning at any cost— even if it means competing against their own teenage daughters!  These wives and mothers live like royalty with wealthy husbands, grand homes and couture gowns, but they are not satisfied without a title […]

Greenlit: Porter Ridge, Discovery Channel

Porter Ridge  ( x 30′) – On Porter Ridge, playing with bears, holding family demolition derbies and wearing a shirt is optional, but their code of life is simple: respect the lord, love your family and watch each other’s backs. Tucked away in the rolling hills of Indiana, far from big city life, this isolated, […]

Greenlit: Tessa & Scott, W Network (Canada)

Tessa & Scott (6 x 30′) – Series following Olympic Gold medal winners and Canadian sweethearts Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. The series goes beyond closed doors and into the day-to-day lives of Canada’s irresistible duo. The series will follow the figure skating superstars on their quest for a second Olympic gold medal at the 2014 Winter Games […]

Greenlit: 9/11 Firehouse, National Geographich Channels International

9/11 Firehouse (1 x 60′) – Documentary that uses interviews and archives to tell the story of the firefighters who were first on the scene at the Twin Towers on 9/11. Channel: National Geographic Channels International Producer: Testimony Films TX: September 2013 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: JFK: Seven Days That Made a President, National Geographic Channels International

JFK: Seven Days That Made a President (1 x 120′) – Documentary that explores seven key moments in John F. Kennedy’s life, timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of his assassination. Channel: National Geographic Channels International Producer: Blast! Films TX: November 2013 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Call Nanny Mewes, Channel 4

Call Nanny Mewes w/t (4 x 60′) –  Professional nanny Kathryn Mewes has been looking after children for over twenty years. During this time she has developed her own methods for families whose home life is being tormented by tearaway tots. In just three days, this modern day Mary Poppins can bring order to households […]

Greenlit: American Genius, National Geographic Channel

American Genius – Documentary series that focuses America’s greatest inventors, including Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Ben Franklin. Channel: National Geographic Channel Producer: Stephen David Entertainment TX: TBC Source: Worldscreen

Greenlit: Harvest, BBC2

Harvest (3 x 60′) – This series, hosted by Gregg Wallace and Philippa Forrester, will reveal the secrets behind the culmination of our crop-growing season, and shed light on British farming and its contribution to our food. Gregg and Philippa will visit farms to see how farmers use their knowledge of nature combined with hard work, […]

Greenlit: John Rich Project, TVGN

John Rich Project w/t  –  GRAMMY-nominated country music sensation, John Rich (2011 winner of Celebrity Apprentice, judge on Nashville Star and one half of country’s rockin’ duo, Big & Rich)—whose on-screen personality and charisma is as magnetic as his music—is the star and host of a primetime television project that is one part talk, one part reality […]

In: Karina Holden, Head of Production and Development, Northern Pictures (Australia)

Karina Holden has been appointed as Head of Production and Development at Northern Pictures, a production company in Australia. She was previously Commissioning Editor, Science and Natural History at ABC Television in Australia. Read more: Realscreen

Greenlit: The Unexplained Files, Discovery Channel

The Unexplained Files (6 x 60′) – Documentary series that tackles those infamous obscurities that need uncovering once and for all, from the most bizarre tales of self-combustion to sailor disappearing acts.  We go on a journey around the world to uncover the mysterious happenings and reveal exclusive evidence, eye witness accounts and expose real […]

Greenlit: The New Atlanta, Bravo

The New Atlanta  – Docu-reality series follows the next generation of the Atlanta’s trailblazing young professionals who are hungry to achieve their dreams and find love as they struggle to resolve heartbreaks from the past.  Aggressive in both their professional and personal lives, each hopes to make their mark in the cutthroat industries of fashion, […]

Greenlit: FGM Documentary, Channel 4

FGM Documentary w/t (1 x 60′) – A documentary focusing on female genital mutilation (FGM) survivor and campaigner Leyla Hussein. FGM involves the partial or total removal of external female genital organs, which are cut off frequently without anesthetic. Survivors are usually aged between four and 10, but some are babies. The procedure, which is […]

Greenlit: Saint Hoods, Discovery Channel

Saint Hoods – For centuries, Boston has been run by tough neighborhood crews that are in a constant battle for ultimate control and power. On the streets these crews are the law, the keepers of an old world way of life, running Boston’s underworld with an iron fist. Now, for the first time ever, Discovery Channel […]

Greenlit: Wendy Williams Project, TVGN

Wendy Williams Productions  w/t  The vivacious, buzz-making talk show host, TV personality and New York Times bestselling author Wendy Williams will give an inspiring look behind-the-curtain at Wendy’s personal life during the most challenging period in her career. Viewers will follow Wendy as she embarks on her Broadway debut in the musical production of “Chicago” and prepares […]

Greenlit: Live Climb With Alex Honnold, National Geographic Channel

Live Climb With Alex Honnold (1 x 120′) – A live broadcast of acclaimed rock climbing superstar Alex Honnold’s attempt to scale one of the tallest buildings in the world. Having redefined what is possible in rock climbing, Honnold brings his daring free soloing skills to a completely new realm, with an audacious plan to […]

Greenlit: Go Hard or Go Home, Channel 5

Go Hard or Go Home (4 x 60′) –  A adventure challenge series presented by adventurer Hannah White. Hannah chooses 16 members of the British public to take part in a life changing challenge. In just twelve weeks Hannah’s mission is to get her team to the start line of some of the world’s toughest […]

In Development: Celebrity Layover, Travel Channel

Celebrity Layover  (6 x 30′) –  Each episode features a different celebrity taking on the place in the world they know and love most, sharing secret hot spots, exclusive know-how and personal insights. Channel: Travel Channel Producer: Marc Summers Productions TX: TBC Source: Travel Channel press release

Greenlit: Tequila Sisters, TVGN

Tequila Sisters (8 x ) –  Old-world family values and new-generation ideals collide in this eight-episode docu-soap series that follows the real lives of the Marins, an affluent, multi-generational Hispanic family living in Southern California. The show follows Mexican-born family patriarch and tequila entrepreneur Bill and his wife Lori, as they raise four beautiful daughters—Jen, Lauren, […]

Greenlit: Mother of All Talent, TVGN

Mother of All Talent (8 x ) –  Docu-series that follows the dynamic mother-daughter duo Nikki and Lorri, who have built one of the nation’s leading talent agencies for kids straight from their quirky hometown in Staten Island, NY. This comedic yet aspirational series will capture what it takes to find and manage children in […]

Greenlit: Francis: A Pope Among the People, National Geographic Latin America

Francis: A Pope Among the People (1 x 60′)- Documetnary that uses interviews with family, friends and acquaintances to tell the story of Pope Francis who was elected in Spring 2013. Channel: National Geographic Latin America Producer: Rome Reports TX: TBC Source: C21

Greenlit: The Liszt Sonata, More4

The Liszt Sonata – Liszt’s Piano Sonata in B Minor is the great masterpiece of 19th-century Romantic music. Stephen Hough is one of the 21st-century’s finest pianists. Hough’s virtuoso performance, exquisitely captured on multiple cameras, reveals Liszt’s extraordinary genius as a composer. Channel: More4 Producer: Lone Star Productions and Touch Press TX: 3rd August 2013 Source: Channel 4 […]

Greenlit: Chopin Saved My Life, More4

Chopin Saved My Life (1 x 60′) – Documentary that meets Japanese teenager Momoka and Scottish music student Paul Murray to explore how Chopin’s extraordinary Ballade Number 1 transforms the lives of ordinary people and illustrates how classical music still penetrates contemporary life in unexpected and powerful ways. It introduces Momoka, a 15-year-old pianist from Sendai, Japan, whose […]

Greenlit: Lisiecki Plays Chopin: From Every Angle, More4

Lisiecki Plays Chopin: From Every Angle  –  Combining the raucous tradition of the 18th and 19th century Proms held at Bristol Old Vic with the cutting-edge technological innovations being spearheaded in the city, Bristol Proms is a radical reinvention of the classical concert experience, led by Tom Morris, one of Britain’s most celebrated theatre directors. From All […]

Greenlit: Netherworld, Travel Channel

Netherworld  (1 x 60′) – Investigator Zak Bagans explores one of the world’s most mysterious and iconic locations – The Catacombs of Paris. In this special, his mission is to explore the history, the culture and the mysteries behind this eerie underground graveyard, as it relates to the most important questions of life and death. […]

Greenlit: Heroes in the Sky, Discovery Channel UK

Heroes in the Sky (1 x 60′) – Documentary that uses archive, CGI, interviews and reconstructions to tell the story of the Nazi siege of Malta during WWII. Channel: Discovery Channel UK Producer: Halo Pictures TX: TBC Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Forbidden History, Yesterday

Forbidden History (6 x 60′)  –  Throughout history, information has been suppressed and evidence withheld about long-held conspiracy theories, ancient treasures, lost civilisations and war time secrets. This series  takes viewers on a journey with Jamie Theakston to discover the truth and unearth new facts about great mysteries. In one episode,  presenter Jamie theakston travels […]

Out: Charlotte Desai, Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment, Sky

Charlotte Desai is leaving her post as Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment at Sky after a structural reorganization. Source: Broadcast

Out: Clare Handford, Commissioning Editor, Sky

Clare Handford is leaving her post as Commissioning Editor, Factual at Sky after a structural reorganization. Source: Broadcast  

Greenlit: Sturgis 24/7, Travel Channel

Sturgis: 24/7  w/t  (8 x 60′) Docuseries featuring the 73rd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and follows a few of the most standout occurrences that take place in a normally sleepy town. From bike builders to biker babes, Sturgis Lawmen to Sturgis Virgins, tattoo shops to the largest biker bar in the world – this series […]

Out: Colm Martin, Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment, Sky

Colm Martin is leaving his post as Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment at Sky after a structural reorganization. Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Material Girl, TLC Russia

Material Girl (6 x 30′) – Andrey Razygraev hosts this dating show in which hopeful suitors attempt to buy the perfect present for a woman in the hope that it will result in a date. Channel: TLC Russia Producer: Bekker Media TX: September 2013 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Wright Off the Beaten Track, ITV2

Wright Off the Beaten Track (6 x 60′) –  Mark Wright (The Only Way is Essex) travels the globe to meet different groups of people and to organize a party for them. Channel: ITV2 Producer: Maverick Television TX:  TBC Source: C2

Crowdfunding Tips from the Team Behind Comics are Everywhere!

Natalia Quintana, a NYC-based self-shooting producer with reality TV credits such as Hardcore Pawn, Say Yes to the Dress and What Not to Wear. She’s just embarked on her first feature-length documentary Comics Are Everywhere! Here she shares her experience of launching a crowdfunding campaign and shares her tips for anyone considering embarking on the same journey.

Greenlit: Rio, Planète+ / Arte

Rio w/t (1 x 90′ + 5 x ) –  Docudrama / series that celebrates the 400th anniversary of Rio de Janeiro in 2015, that uses CGI to chart the construction of the city. Channel: Planète+ (Brazil) / Arte (France) Producer: Gédéon Programmes (France) / Conspiracao (Brazil) TX: 2015 Source:  Realscreen

Greenlit: Sisters With Voices, WE tv

Sisters With Voices (6 x 60′) – Reality series following the lives of R&B band Sisters With Voices as they attempt to revive their careers.   Producer: Entertainment One Television TX: Early 2014 Source: Cunopsis

Greenlit: Cutthroat Kitchen, Food Network

Cutthroat Kitchen (13 x ) – Cooking skills aren’t enough to win  this new competition series – chefs must also be crafty, clever and willing to sabotage their opponents. Led by Alton Brown as the kitchen’s cunning provocateur, this game features a briefcase filled with $100,000 in cash, four competitors, three rounds of cooking and […]

Greenlit: How to Get A Council House, Channel 4

How to Get a Council House (3 x 60′) – With the UK’s social housing in crisis, this  looks at two major councils dealing with lack of properties and too many people in need of homes at affordable rents. Each week, the series follows the stories of contributors and council homes and reveals who is […]

Up: Heather Moran, Executive Vice President, Programming and Strategy, National Geographic Channel

Heather Moran has been promoted to the position of Executive Vice President Programming and Strategy at National Geographic Channel (NGC), responsible for development and production. She was previously Senior VP of global programming and strategic development  for NGC, Nat Geo Wild and NGC International. Source: C21

Up: Cori Abraham, Senior Vice President Development and International, Oxygen Media

Cori Abraham has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Development and International at Oxygen Media, reporting to Rod Aissa, senior vice president of original programming and development, and Oxygen president Jason Klarman for international business. Read more: Realscreen

In: Matt Scully, Commissioning Editor Factual, ABC-TV (Australia)

Matt Scully has been appointed as Commissioning Editor, Factual at ABC-TV in Australia. Source: C21  

Greenlit: The Marches: How a Border Made Us, BBC2

The Marches: How a Border Made Us  w/t (3 x 60′)  – Two thousand years ago the Romans divided Britain with Hadrian’s Wall – splitting the communities of Britain in two. It’s a barrier that separates the nations both physically and symbolically, embodying the historic and continuing political divisions between the two nations. In this new three-part […]

Greenlit: Caligula, BBC2

Caligula  w/t (1 x 60′)  –  Mary Beard embarks on an investigative journey to explore the life and times of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus – better known as Caligula. Caligula has become known as Rome’s most capricious tyrant, and the stories told about him are some of the most extraordinary told about any Roman emperor. He […]

Greenlit: Confucius, CCTV-10

Confucius (1 x 120′) –  Documentary that looks at the life of the famous 5th century BC Chinese philosopher Confucius and his influence on Chinese culture. Channel: CCTV-10 (China) Producer: Lion TV TX: TBC Source: Televisual

Greenlit: Napoleon, BBC2

Napoleon  w/t (3 x 60′)  –  Napoleon historian Andrew Roberts sets out to shed new light on the emperor as an extraordinary, gifted military commander and a mesmeric leader whose private life was littered with disappointments and betrayals. Andrew Roberts walks the major battlefields of Europe, from Borodino to Waterloo, whilst detailing key turning points which helped […]

Greenlit: Catering Wars, Lifetime

Catering Wars (3 x 60′) – Atlanta-based catering businesses – Hottie Hawgs, Pat’s Party Perfect, Ocean’s Catering, and Atlanta’s Finest – compete to win online bids for catering jobs by undercutting the competition without compromising quality. Channel: Lifetime Producer: Bray Entertainment TX: 16th July 2013 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: The Mystery of Rome’s X Tombs, BBC2

The Mystery Of Rome’s X Tombs w/t (1 x 60′)  – Historian Dr Michael Scott unlocks the secrets of a mysterious tomb recently discovered in one of Rome’s famous catacombs. Found by accident following a roof collapse, the tombs contained over 2000 skeletons piled on top of each other. This was quite unlike any other underground […]

I Want to Pitch My Idea, But What’s in it For Me?

Many new filmmakers worry that partnering with a production company will mean that they will lose control of their project, or even have their idea stolen.

So what’s the reality? What happens to an idea before it’s officially greenlit, and what are the best ways of avoiding the pitfalls? This thorny issue was tackled during a panel at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013.

Greenlit: Wanted, Ten

Wanted ( x 60′) – News anchors Sandra Sully and Matt Doran, alongside reporter Neil Mercer and former detective Terry Dalton and forensic anthropologist Dr Xanthe Mallett attempt to harness the help of the public to solve unsolved crimes. Channel: Ten (Australia) Producer: Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder (CJZ) TX: TBC Source: C21

Greenlit: Robson Green: How the North Was Built, ITV

Robson Green: How the North Was Built w/t (2 x 60′) – Actor Robson Green tells the story of how industry profoundly shaped the country from his home county in the east across to Lancashire in the west. Robson tells the incredible story of how industry has shaped both a place and its people as, […]

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