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Greenlit: Gods, Guns & Automobiles, History

God, Guns & Automobiles ( x 30′) – Seven years ago, a stranger pulled into a sleepy farming community somewhere along the Kansas-Missouri border and bought himself a rundown car dealership.  Before long, he was king of a business empire built out of adrenaline, family values and red-hot patriotism.

This series follows Mark Muller and his brother and business partner, Chicago radio personality Eric “Mancow” Muller as they run their throwback auto dealership, Max Motors.  Located in the tiny rural town of Butler, Missouri, Muller makes car deals the old fashioned way.  A true American Original, he’s fueled by a larger-than-life personality and turbo-charged attitude.

Mark Muller lives by three rules: Do the Right Thing, Let’s Make a Deal, and Live Every Day Like it’s Your Last. He’s been known to blow up cars and stage a fake UFO landing to drive sales…but he’s just as likely to cut a break for a cash-poor farmer in need of a car.

Joined by an oddball staff that work the deals and his wife Amy and sons, Max Motors embodies the values and spirit of the heartland of America.

Channel: History

Producer:  Zone3

TX: 8th July 2013

Source: History Press release (via TV by the Numbers)


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