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In Development: You Don’t Know What You Are Missing, GSN

You Don’t Know What You are Missing – A  fun family game show that tests unsuspecting families on what they truly value.  It features family members being challenged to see who can remember 10 meaningful items regularly on display in their home.  One family member will be chosen to race the clock and correctly identify which items are missing – every correct answer is worth cash, and the better the player does, the more additional prizes the player earns for their family.  Once the clock expires, the family is reunited for a funny reveal of how the search went.  The player can then buy back items that were not recognized as missing.  And, while it’s their decision, they will be influenced by the sentimental value and pleas of their family members.

Channel: GSN

Producer:  Travail D’Amour


Source: GSN press release


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