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Greenlit: The Restaurateur, BBC2

The Restaurateur  w/t (6 x 60′) – Britain is in a recession and yet 1,000 new food businesses will open next year, many run by first timers, all learning as they go and making the same mistakes. In The Restaurateur the charming and driven standout star of the London restaurant scene, Russell Norman, believes that first-time restaurateurs fail because they either don’t know or choose to ignore the rules of the restaurant business.

Russell Norman, star of the London restaurant scene,  shares his rulebook with six first timers over the critical months that will seal the fate of their business; the last months before launch when they make critical decisions and the first month after when they feel the consequences. But will these passionate wannabes be willing or able to follow Russell’s Restaurant Rulebook and beat the 50/50 odds of failure?

And why should they listen to Russell’s rules? Because he has opened five successful restaurants in five years. In a former life he managed Scott’s, the Sheekey Oyster Bar, and the Ivy Club. When the recession took hold on the back of one of the worst times for restaurants, Russell started his own business. His first restaurant Polpo was a huge success, with small sharing portions that are keenly priced, he spoke to the times.

In just two and a half years Russell has opened a further five successful establishments and has plans for many more. This series is equal parts food adventure and business adventure, passionate dream and jeopardy. Can following Russell’s Restaurant Rulebook help these brave souls to avoid the common mistakes and turn their undeniable foodie passion into solid, recession-beating businesses?

Channel: BBC2

Producer: Twenty Twenty


Source: BBC press release


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