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Greenlit: The Man Who Ate Himself to Death, Channel 5

The Man Who Ate Himself to Death –  At nearly 65 stone Ricky Naputi is one of the world’s fattest men, a prisoner in his own home. He urgently needs to lose weight before his obesity kills him. But Ricky and wife Cheryl live in the Pacific Ocean on the island of Guam where there is no obesity surgery that might save his life. This is the story of the struggle and ultimately tragic failure to save Ricky. In a desperate effort to get help Ricky appeals to campaigner Angie Flores, herself a former weight loss surgery patient, who lives 10,000 miles away in Texas. Angie calls in first an American, then an Australian, surgeon who travel to Guam to meet Ricky and Cheryl. Both give Ricky an ultimatum – lose weight or the surgery can never happen. Over a three year period the film follows the dramatic highs and lows as Ricky pursues his dream to have surgery and lose weight – a dream he is never able to realize.

Channel: Ch5

Producer:  Electric Sky

TX: Summer 2013

Source: Channel 5 press release


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