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Greenlit: Teen Amnesia, Channel 5

Teen Amnesia w/t –   Imagine never being able to remember what happened ten minutes ago. What if you couldn’t remember to take your clothes off before a shower – or even recognize your own reflection? This is not the story of an elderly person but a group of teenage amnesiacs. From school and sports to shopping and dating, the documentary sheds light on how everyday activities become a heart-breaking daily struggle for young amnesiacs.

This film follows the story of four teenagers as they attend a unique summer camp in Yorkshire. The camp is run by the Encephalitis Society, Encephalitis being a potentially fatal brain condition with one side effect being severe amnesia. Will their time in the camp help them to acquire new skills and experiences that could transform their lives forever?

Channel: Ch5

Producer:  OR Media / GroupM Entertainment

TX: Summer 2013

Source: Channel 5 press release


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