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Greenlit: Swamp Murders, Investigaion Discovery

Swamp Murders (6 x ) – Murky waters take secrets to the grave when bogs, bayous and decrepit docks surrounded by a tangle of marshland and moss-covered trees set the scene for mucky murder.                                          

From the swampy bayou of Louisiana to the Great Lake o’ the Cherokees in Oklahoma and even rivers and lakes in Georgia, Texas, and Florida, this series proves that even muddied waters eventually bring secrets to the surface. The premiere episode profiles wholesome 19-year-old Kathy Bonney. When Kathy doesn’t come home one day, her concerned father, Tom, turns to police for help. But when Kathy’s bullet-ridden body is pulled from Virginia’s Great Dismal Swamp, detectives discover that Kathy wasn’t as angelic as everyone was led to believe – and her father wasn’t as clueless as he let on.

Channel: Investigation Discovery

TX: 4th June 2013

Source: Investigation Discovery press release


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