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Greenlit: Red Bull Soapbox Race, UKTV Dave

Red Bull Soapbox Race (5 x 30′) – Red Bull Soapbox Race is a major international event that has been wowing huge crowds around the world for the past 12 years. Teams of amateur racers design and build their own gravity-powered soapbox vehicles and race them against the clock in an extreme downhill battle in front of thousands of fans.

A week-long series offers an interesting insight into some of the engineering marvels and crazy concepts entered by teams from across the UK which will lead into two hours of exclusive coverage live from the adrenaline-pumping Red Bull Soapbox race in London on Sunday 14th July at Alexandra Palace.

The  series gives the audience a sneak peek into the competition itself, looking at a small selection of wacky teams and following their journey from build to race day which will be broadcast live, presented by sports presenter Ed Leigh and Radio1 DJ Alice Levine.

Channel: UKTV Dave

Producer: Red Bull Media House

TX: 8th July 2013 (live coverage on 14th July 2013)

Source: UKTV press release


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