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Greenlit: Really Cool Stuff, BBC Worldwide

Really Cool Stuff  w/t (10 x 50′)  – Dissecting the coolest things in the Universe, the fast-paced general knowledge show, which will tackle some of the world’s greatest mysteries from why cats have nine lives, to why we experience Déjà Vu and whether anyone could move fast enough to dodge a speeding bullet. The show will be led by three dynamic British presenters alongside studio experiments and cutting-edge CGI and animation.

Created with an international BBC audience in mind, the series takes a magnifying glass to the world’s greatest and most intriguing natural wonders and examine quirky topics in bite size chunks.  Through a fast-paced mix of presenter interaction, state-of-the-art CGI, studio-based scientific experiments, demonstrations and expert input, each episode will be jam-packed with surprising facts and conversation starters.  Hosts Greg Foot (Physicist and adrenalin junkie), Fran Scott (biologist and practical experimenter) and Dominic Byrne (radio and TV broadcaster) will together debate, investigate and dissect a wide spectrum of topics including: “What is more deadly, a tornado or a hurricane?”, “where do accents come from?” and “what is the loudest living thing in the ocean?”

Channel: BBC Knowledge (Africa, Asia, CEE, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and the Nordics) and BBC HD (EMEA and Latin America)

Producer: 360Production

TX: 2014

Source: BBC Worldwide press release


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