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Greenlit: Operation Snow Tiger, BBC2

Operation Snow Tiger (2 x 60′) –  Tiger expert Liz Bonin and a team of scientists attempt to track and document world’s most elusive big cats.  Travelling through the dangerous wilds of Siberia in a climate of -32C, she gains new insight into the wilderness landscapes that are home for this majestic carnivore.

Liz investigates how scientists are trying to protect and preserve these tigers. Russian biologist Dr Victor Lukarevsky thinks there are only 300-350 left in the wild and possibly fewer. Over the two shows, Liz works with Victor’s team in a key reserve to try to determine if there are any breeding females left – essential, of course, for the population to survive. Also part of the team is the world authority on Siberian tigers, Dr Dale Miquelle. Originally from the US, he now lives in Siberia and he’s been trying to document the dramatic life of a young female tiger named ‘Varvarra’ (‘Barbara’ in Russian). Will she have cubs and what threats will they face in their struggle to survive? His aim is to find out how to save the Siberian tiger.

Another important team member is wildlife cameraman Max Hug Williams who, along with Dale Miquelle, helps in a dramatic rescue of three orphaned tiger cubs, and films rare footage of this elusive and dangerous cat.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: BBC Natural History Unit


Source: BBC press release


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